At Humble we want a world that uses only what it needs. We are striving to be a leading force behind the shift in society to using resources that we can rely on, without sacrificing our natural environment.

A Humble story

It all began the day a young Australian student was handed a bar of hemp soap whilst road tripping through America’s northeast. Brushing aside any notion that his buddies were implying he needed to work harder to keep his personal odours in check, he gave it a go. Little did he know he was about to be knee deep in awesomeness.

Curiosity was sparked when it was learnt that this soap was just ‘one of thousands’ of possible ways that Hemp could be used. Intrigue and interest grew and our Humble adventurer was compelled to know more.

The more he discovered, the more he researched, the more he learnt, the more at odds he felt with the way the world was working.

With thousands of useful applications, including but not limited to, the production of bio-diesel, clothing, textiles, paper and building materials, our Humble adventurer soon realised that the world had qualms, not small qualms, big qualms, and something
had to change!

After countless back shed brainstorm sessions, numerous ice cold beers and cups of tea, 27 whiteboard markers, and many sleepless nights, an idea took shape, a notion,
a concept, a dream.

That dream was Humble.

 A group of young and enthusiastic minds wanted to create and shape something new; something special; something simple; something that had the potential to drive a new way of doing things; a better way to appreciate what we have; a way to do good.

We are Humble.

We believe there is a little humble in all of us and that the world is infinitely
full of possibilities.

Humble body believes in challenging the status quo of body care. We believe that caring for your body should involve enriching the skin you’re in and the planet we live on. This is why all of our products are hemp based, organic, natural and made in Australia. When we started to comprehend the many uses of Hemp it got us thinking – what would life be like in a world that had fully utilised the possibilities of what Hemp can create?