Lovers of Humble Body

Meagan Greenland
"Our then six month old daughter was suffering quite severally from Eczema and we had resorted to having to us Cortizone Cream to keep it under control. A week later using the Humble Oil my daughters skin had never looked better!!! Thank you so 'Humble Body' for this natural, easy and effective treatment!"
Meagan Greenland @fawnandfinch
Lucette Romy
“...I have been using this hemp oil from @humblebody since February and have seen such an amazing improvement in my skin...”
Lucette Romy @lucetteromy
Fergus Creese
“Humble jumble keeps my skin and lips smooth and blemish free! The healing oil has cleared up a small rash on my eyelid where other competitors products would irritate further! thanks guys!”
Fergus Creese

Why hemp oil?

natural hemp based skin care at its finest

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